About Us

Higher Objects is a lifestyle brand and community of people with a passion for the journey of life and mindful of the objects we choose to bring along.
Higher Objects are those select items that make us feel secure, prepared, and useful.  Objects that will go the distance with us, objects that make us feel alive.

We're conscious of the environment and choose sustainable and local manufacturing, but our biggest positive impact on the environment is our minimalist approach by creating quality products that will always be in use. 

If your journey brings you to Santa Monica, Los Angeles, stop by and say hi.


Introducing the Finn Multi Tool

The Higher Objects Finn multi purpose tool puts more than 5 tools at your fingertips! Our everyday carry multi tool will quickly become your best friend if you rely on items like a box cutter, bottle opener, small screwdriver, or small wrench from time to time. 

Higher Objects multi purpose bracelets are the perfect wearable multi tool that you will quickly find irreplaceable once you put it on. Made from high quality stainless steel and a genuine leather wristband, our wearable tools make the perfect replacement for that old fashioned bottle opener, box cutter or pocket knife that you will find perfect for a variety of jobs.

Higher Object Tools are Perfect for:

  • Postal Workers / UPS / FedEx
  • Handyman / Plumbers / Electricians
  • Warehouse Workers / Movers
  • Construction Workers
  • Police / Fire / EMT
  • Veterans, Scouts
  • Dock Workers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Bartenders / Waiters
  • Wedding Party Gifts or just about anyone


Introducing the Sawyer Multi Tool - Perfect EDC

The Sawyer is a high quality stainless steel multi tool which is the perfect replacement for that old fashioned pocket knife and even includes a small screwdriver perfect for a variety of odd jobs.

All of our wearable multi tool utility bracelets feature a genuine leather strap that is not only fits all wrist sizes but is stylish enough to look great with just about any outfit. 

Higher Objects are the Perfect Gift

Higher Objects multi tools are not only great for yourself but also make the perfect gift! Great for outdoorsmen, fishermen, police, Scouts, Veterans or just about any gadget fan on your shopping list.

Gift Box Included!